Microtraining for Major Results

The Preflex First system is administered via a web-based app on any connected phone, tablet, or laptop. The cloud-based curriculum delivers daily exercises and knowledge blocks in bite-sized chunks, with training sessions typically lasting just 2 to 5 minutes, and never longer than 12. The microtraining uses videos, images, animations, and more as continued engagement encourages neuroplasticity, forging new pathways in the brain and increasing each officer’s cognitive abilities. The results for individual officers are significant, while the collective impact is astounding.

The platform features built-in compliance and progress tracking and can house any additional departmental training materials. Once reformatted, a comprehensive training program can be included within the mobile app in addition to Preflex First, with all training content distributed to officers in a more efficient and engaging way. 

Research shows a dramatic difference between recruits and officers with standard training and those with the benefit of Preflex First Training. Time and time again, cognitive training has been shown to deliver significant benefits for professionalism, resilience, and individual recognition of implicit biases.


Heightened Awareness

Nearly 90% of recruits with Preflex First Training spotted a pipe-bomb during a room clearing exercise compared to 5% of the control group.


Increased Self-Control

In a PRISim simulator, recruits with cognitive training were twice as accurate as their peers, while showing greater restraint, firing less than half as many rounds.


Safer Operators

After cognitive training, recruits and officers were over 12 times more likely to use safety concepts in their recall when reviewing tactical operations.


Improved Accuracy

With greater restraint and control, recruits trained in our system missed their target an average of 1.2 times while their peers missed almost 5 times as often.

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