• 89%

    of Preflex First trained recruits spotted a pipe bomb in a room clearing exercise


    of recruits without the training spotted the same pipe bomb

  • 1/2

    the shots, 2x the accuracy

    Preflex First officers showed greater restraint with use of force by taking half the shots, with twice the accuracy in scenario training.

  • 17.3

    seconds faster

    With Preflex First training, officers are 35% more likely to take cover during force situations, moving to cover 17.3 seconds faster than the average.

  • 1,600%

    Threat detection increased

    Our trained officers move past situational awareness to situational comprehension.

  • Conflict Resolution Styles

    Increase – Collaboration | Increase – Distractraction | Increase – Compromise | Decrease – Competition

Preflex First was founded on the idea that science-based mental training can dramatically improve an officer’s safety, performance, and professionalism.

Preflex First is a revolutionary approach to mental mindset training. Targeting the nonconscious brain, the training works by enhancing perceptual awareness while building a structured mental framework to better process sensory information. Perception and processing wired together at the subconscious level, automatically guide behavior towards safe and appropriate outcomes.

Improving Officer Safety through Neuroscience

Preflex First uses neuroscience to develop higher-performing officers that are safer, more aware, and in control. Proven by more than a decade of results and successfully repeated in nearly 40 studies, the online training system utilizes the natural process of neuroplasticity to forge new pathways in the brain focused on pattern recognition and critical safety concepts. The result is a superior officer, a more professional force, and a safer community.


A Higher-Performing Officer

An officer with Preflex First Training shows increased cognitive abilities regardless of experience level, demonstrated by both student and veteran officers. A trained officer demonstrates better decision-making, improved control of his or her emotions and implicit biases, is less likely to use force, and is more successful at de-escalating high-stress situations. Officers in training scenarios have proven the system’s effectiveness by being more likely to take cover while also moving to cover faster, and taking fewer shots with more accuracy in force situations.


A More Professional Police Force

Law enforcement was the original proving ground for Preflex First with studies implemented from London to San Francisco in both academies and law enforcement departments of all types. More than 15 years of dedicated neuroscience research and program development have led to this revolutionary training system. The research indicates departments will benefit from fewer officer injuries, fewer misconduct cases, and fewer accidents. Individual officers self-report everything slowing down for them, with increased situational awareness, and more control.


A Safer Community

The relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve is at a critical point. There’s more pressure than ever for departments to find a more progressive approach to training. The mental performance benefits from Preflex First Training include self-control, emotional intelligence, and improved assessment capabilities as they move past situational awareness to situational comprehension. Equipped with this enhanced toolset, our officers exhibit less implicit bias and show higher levels of professionalism. All improvements embraced by communities around the world.


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