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Preflex First is a revolutionary approach to mental mindset training that targets the back-channel (referred to as the subconscious, unconscious, and nonconscious) brain. The system is based on the core principles of cognitive neuroscience and is backed by more than a decade of research and nearly 40 academic studies. The training works by expanding an officer’s perceptual field while building a mental framework on which to process sensory information. Heightened awareness and structured processing, wired together at the nonconscious level, automatically guide behaviors. In other words, Preflex First increases the amount of information available and enhances how that information is sorted so your brain can intuitively guide good decisions.

All of the training is built into an easy-to-use, web-based application that guides users through various daily, weekly and monthly exercises. It takes no more than 12 minutes a day on a regular basis. By completing the microtrainings, the brain rewires itself through the natural process of neuroplasticity. This process, guided by Preflex First exercises, creates thought patterns that fire automatically in the nonconscious mind to help guide behavior, even when under extreme stress.

As more applications are researched, we believe there are potential benefits for everyone. For now, Preflex First is most effective in dynamic environments where outcomes depend on quick decisions and sound performance under stress. The Preflex First Training focus is law enforcement and has been successfully implemented at academies, departments, and agencies across the country. Our sister company, Preflex Safety, focuses on safety in manufacturing, industrial, and construction environments.

The exercises are based on our neuroscience research and vary by application. From sensory input to situational awareness to mental imagery and more, the exercises are designed to work together using neuroplasticity, creating new pathways in the brain.

By training the right patterns in the nonconscious mind to guide behaviors, Preflex First helps officers create tactical habits that lead to appropriate decisions and enhanced performance, even in high-stress and force situations.

The results, time and again, by us and by third-party research groups, have consistently shown significant changes in mental mindset and performance. Those range from shot accuracy in law enforcement training to the ability to de-escalate high-stress situations.

In cognitive neuroscience research, we’ve seen differences of 3-5%, and that can be significant. With Preflex First, it’s not uncommon to see improvement of 10% to 1500% across key performance metrics. For example, shot accuracy in Preflex First trained cadets (65%) was 124% better than in the control group cadets (29%).

The benefits are extremely wide-ranging. The research has shown significant improvement in decision making, recognition of implicit bias, emotional intelligence, professional attitude, confidence, sense of control, and resilience. Because these improvements in mental mindset directly impact behavior, performance benefits are seen in nearly every area we’ve tested. The performance gains measured to date include accuracy, control, restraint, pattern recognition, safety, recall, and professionalism. Officers also say, “You’ll see your world differently after Preflex First Training.” We hear anecdotal evidence of officers maintaining control of their emotions and de-escalating stressful situations. Many credit the training for empowering them to create a positive outcome that might have gone differently before Preflex First.

Because Preflex First is mental mindset training, the applications are nearly endless. The current safety-based system is designed for industrial, manufacturing, and construction settings, and we’re working to collaborate with military, firefighting, fleet companies, and others. All are natural fits for neuroscience training. Beyond that, we have ideas about how this type of brain training could be used in emergency medicine, corporate leadership, and people in general to help maximize human potential. Let us know if you have an idea for Preflex First.

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